Divine Couples Retreat


Divine marriage retreat intensives are more than a couple‚Äôs weekend getaway. They are intimate, personalized coaching sessions designed to help you identify and address your specific needs. Intensives are more powerful than one hour counseling … Read More


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The DCM IGNITE Annual Conference is here! Mark your calendars! You won’t regret your time. It’s a Divine Appointment! Speed Time! Get Connected, Inspired and Cause Impact! Burn like never before for the Kingdom.  

Sunday Worship Service


Join us every Sunday, 4PM for Sunday Worship Service. Address is Divine Connections Church, 9999 E HARRY, Wichita, KS. 67206.

“Dine for A Cause” – Wichita KS


“Dining for A Cause” is an elaborate African themed Dinner organized by Petra Kids Ministries and co-hosted by various likeminded non profits within the united stated who care about the plights of children and women … Read More